How strength training works with your genetics

    The best exercise for you: the one you’re not doing

    Recovery is the most underrated part of training.

    Work like a Trainer

    by Myx Fitness on 11/21/18 11:57 PM

    Working out like a trainer is a great way to get the physique, conditioning and healthy state everybody wants. Think...

    Get Up, Stand Up!

    by Myx Fitness on 11/17/18 9:30 PM

    We have a sedentary problem. Ninety percent of Americans work at desks. Which means they sit for most of the day.

    If you ask us, running is boring and just too damn hard. Plus, talk with any runner for five minutes and for sure you’ll...

    It’s going to happen sooner or later. You start a new workout routine, and it seems like every day you see some sort of...

    Hydration: Tips & Techniques

    by Myx Fitness on 11/11/18 5:20 PM

    If you’ve noticed or not, this thing called water is pretty important. As in mandatory. As in mission-critical. As in you...