Get Up, Stand Up!

Posted by B Drake on 11/17/18 8:30 PM

We have a sedentary problem. Ninety percent of Americans work at desks. Which means they sit for most of the day.

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4 Ways Cycling is Better than Running

Posted by Stephen M on 11/17/18 8:15 PM

If you ask us, running is boring and just too damn hard. Plus, talk with any runner for five minutes and for sure you’ll hear about her injuries. It’s just part of the running life. That’s why we vastly prefer cycling, and why we built the Myx program around a bike, not a treadmill. Riding is fun, most people can do it longer than they can run and thus burn more calories, and it’s much easier on your body. Take it outside and you’re seeing the world and getting around in a way that’s good for both you and the environment.

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10 Ways To Keep Your Workout Interesting

Posted by Stephen M on 11/11/18 5:00 PM

It’s going to happen sooner or later. You start a new workout routine, and it seems like every day you see some sort of improvement. And then, after a couple of months, bang: you hit a plateau. Not much noticeable improvement to speak of. And…could it be? Maybe what was once the most exciting part of your day feels a little bit…boring? We’ve all been there. That’s why we’re able to offer you these 10 ways to keep your workout interesting and encourage you to use them as a check list.

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Hydration: Tips & Techniques

Posted by B Drake on 11/11/18 4:20 PM

If you’ve noticed or not, this thing called water is pretty important. As in mandatory. As in mission-critical. As in you die if you don’t have any for a few days. And we’re not just talking about when you exercise. We mean in order to live. Period.

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Come home.

Myx Fitness is an interactive fitness platform that streams live and on-demand workouts to your in-home Myx Studio. Our efficient cross-training methodology incorporates cardio, resistance, & recovery phases into a single workout. Our sustainable & holistic daily workouts serve as a comprehensive fitness program or as a supplement to other fitness practices. We aim to improve health at any age, balance strength with cardio, promote active recovery, and rejuvenate the mind & body to help you reach your full potential.

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