10 Ways To Keep Your Workout Interesting

    Posted by Myx Fitness on 11/11/18 6:00 PM
    Myx Fitness

    It’s going to happen sooner or later. You start a new workout routine, and it seems like every day you see some sort of improvement. And then, after a couple of months, bang: you hit a plateau. Not much noticeable improvement to speak of. And…could it be? Maybe what was once the most exciting part of your day feels a little bit…boring? We’ve all been there. That’s why we’re able to offer you these 10 ways to keep your workout interesting and encourage you to use them as a check list.

    1. Champion Yourself

    Record a 5 minute pep-talk, with your favorite background music, encouraging yourself to press through a workout. Hearing your own voice telling you to not quit is one of the most surreal and joyful motivators you’ll ever experience. You can say anything you want, because it's uniquely yours. Remember: nobody knows you better than you. (Sorry, Mom.) Say whatever it is you know you'll need to hear, plug in your headphones and smash out that workout!

    1. Don't Be Shy

    If you’re not feeling confident about your performance, joining forces with others will help. Whether the group is lifting, dancing or running, the accountability and moral support that come with group workouts will help you push through anything. Start working out alongside a friend or partner; you’ll pull and push each other through anything. Bonus: There will always be some laughs along the way.

    1. Mix/Myx It Up

    Your mind and body both need change. The body to avoid a plateau, and the mind to keep you interested. So include a variety of exercises in your workouts and change up your environment—inside, outside, the pool, the gym, the park. Bring in a workout partner, attend classes. Keep it constantly varied.

    1. Get Comfortable

    Discover a home workout that suits you perfectly. If gym classes aren't your thing, customize your training. Use energetic HIIT routines to target areas like inner thighs, add dumbbells or ankle weights!)and compile a playlist. Enjoy the peace of working out at your own pace, in your own environment.

    1. Break Out

    Feel the wind in your hair and revel in the great outdoors. Go hiking, kayaking or open water swimming. Get invigorated and climb a mountain with friends. Or stay nearer to home and take your ab routine into the backyard.

    1. Challenges

    Whether it's a big race or a small contest with a friend, get in it to win it! Embracing competition gives your workout focus and makes it more challenging and motivating. Go for it: sign up for a marathon, a push-up competition or a Tough Mudder.

    1. Music for Motivation

    Beats can make all the difference when you work out. A good tune can get your heart racing and help you get in the mood to sweat. Set up a workout playlist that gets you pumped to exercise.

    1. Celebration Journal

    Documenting your success is addictive and very, very helpful. We respond to rewards, even a simple tick-box that shows how you achieved your goal that week. Remember, you may have good and bad weeks, but keeping a record of your progress will strengthen your resolve. Be kind to yourself, as you would a friend.

    1. Discover Your Why

    Connect deeply to your motivation for change and you will find challenges much easier to endure when they arise. Think about why you want to work out. Then ask again. Is there a wedding coming up? A marathon? A holiday? Your workout becomes more interesting when it means something personal to you. Don't forget, you are a complete original. And so are your reasons. For added inspo, watch this short by Billy Yang appropriately entitled, The Why.

    1. Release

    Praying is a great way to release during a workout or stretch session. The Latin word for breath is 'spiro' which means spirit. Working out releases the breath, so don't be afraid to give it a try! There is nothing more beautiful than praying through a workout and releasing your thankfulness. The smartest fit people know that mindset is everything, so be transformed by the renewing of your mind.